Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So the last few days have been crazy with hummingbirds at my back porch. At the beginning of summer I had put up one feeder and had one hummingbird the first day and then the next day I had about 8 and then I had about 30. Then they went away. Must have migrated north. Now they must be migrating back down south and this time there must be about 50 of them. I have never had that many before so it is really neat. I have run out of sugar and must pick some up today when I go to town.
My recipe is simple. Just one cup of sugar to 4 cups of water and that's it. They seem to love it. Here is a photo and video of them at the feeder.

Sold to Israel!

Well, we can now call ourselves International Sellers. We sold two of our mares to a man in Israel. They already left and are at their new home. What a process for exporting! There were several tests to do within several weeks and lots of paperwork. I have to give my vets office a lot of credit for taking care of all of that. Johara and Ameenah is who left us and I am already missing them. How could you not miss girls like them. They are so beautiful and both had such great personalities. Johara was the first baby born on my farm and I just can't believe she is no longer here. It will take sometime to get used to her being gone and of course Ameenah too. Who know maybe I will get to visit them one day!
Photo is of Johara and I!