Friday, March 11, 2011

The New Garden

I have been wanting a garden for quite some time now. We had one the year before last but it was unsuccessful. Not in a good place for one thing and lots of weeding to do and I just couldn't do it with my back being so bad. We didn't have one last year because of my back so this year we are going to try and do the container gardening. Looking forward to have some of my own home grown vegetables and I am doing Weight Watchers so this will come in handy for this diet. So this is how my husband made my little spot by the house for me to put my containers. 

He laid down this mesh stuff. He told me the name of it but I forgot what it is called. This will keep the weeds from growing up between the containers.

I couldn't resist this one. Hummm! Then he put the border around it by screwing the post together and then leveling them. 
Then he put pea gravel over the mesh tarp and filled it up level with the post.
He then put some of my containers on top of the pea gravel. This looks great and it will be very easy for me to plant my veggies and keep up with them.

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